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01. 1st Klass Is Back Intro
02. 1st Klass Old To The New Heartbeat Intro
03. Truth Hurts b/w Nice & Smooth, Meth & Red
04. Nore Beat b/w Survival Of The Fit
05. 1st Klass Going Buckwild On Nelly Beat
06. C-Minor *Exclusive*- Slave Party Joint
07. Fabolous Beat b/w Sucker DJ
08. Holla Back Beat b/w Bring the Noize
09. Mr. Cheeks b/w Wu-Tang Chessboxin
10. 1st Klass Party Banger b/w Fabolous
11. Rite Bros. Thug Anthem Party Break
12. Ol' D.B.- Got Your Money
13. Trouble Makers Bounce Party Break
14. Fatman Scoop & Faith Evans Party Break
15. Havana Hoodz Party Break
16. Crown Motivator Party Break
17. Eminem b/w Wizzalino- Xtra Large Beat
18. Brandy b/w Lady Lee- Xtra Large Beat
19. 1st Klass Smooth Operator Party Break
20. Nas Beat b/w How Many Mc's, Hard To Tell
21. It Ain't Hard To Tell b/w Mary No Drama Remix
22. Crooklyn Clan Lets Get Ill Party Break
23. Hitchkock *Exclusive* New York
24. Grand Prix *Exclusive* New York
25. Fat Jose We Thuggin b/w Hot Beats
26. 1st Klass Big Pun Party Break
27. LCD *Exclusive* On Fire
28. Live At The BBQ Beat b/w Beanie & Freeway
29. E. Mortal *Exclusive* All Or Nothing
30. The End


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