DJ COOL KEV has been dj'ing since 1989. He's been making mixtapes since 1995. His major influences are 3 of his uncles, Stanley Scipio, Bobby Bowens(blues singer), and DJ SCIPIO. After high school he attended the Institute of Audio Research learning audio engineering and production. DJ COOL KEV has worked with numerous artist and producers such as DJ Red Alert, Fat man Scoop, lil Flip, Glenn Lewis, Lil Vicious, Jason Weaver, Dame Grease, Cee Lo of Goodie Mob, and Mc Gruff to name a few. Mixtapes include 90 volumes of RnB, 41 volumes of party cds, 20 volumes of slow jam cds, over 20 volumes of reggae plus way more which make DJ COOL KEV the total package. DJ COOL KEV and STEADY BREEZIN ENT. would like to thank everyone that has supported our movement throughout the years. Your time and interest are greatly appreciated. For more direct contact info he can be reached @ moc.loa|711veklooc#moc.loa|711veklooc.


01. Best Of Lauryn Hill
02. Bronx & Uptown Connection
03. Coolout 1
04. Iceberg Blends 2001
05. R&B #5: Can You Handle It
06. R&B #8: Where The Ladies At?
07. R&B #20: Credit Card Edition