Keith Grayson who is popularly known as DJ Kay Slay was born on August 14, 1966 in New York City. His age is 48. His height is 5 feet and 7 inch tall and weighs 78 kg. His ethnicity is unknown. He is an American hip-hop disc jockey. He was originally a graffiti artist who was featured in the 1983 hip-hop documentary called Style Wars. “Dez” is known as one of the better-known tags but in the late 1980s, due to the decline in the graffiti movement, Dez had to go through narcotics and lastly, ended up in jail. In 1990, he was released from jail and again, was claimed to be using drugs ever since.

The New York Times as Hip-Hop’s One-man Ministry of Insults referred Kay Slay. Kay Slay is also known as Dezzy Dez, The Drama King and Slap Your Favorite DJ. He then released four albums like The Champions: North Meets South, The Streetsweeper Vol.1, The Streetsweeper Vol.2 and More Than Just a DJ. On May 2003, he released his first debut album, The Streetsweeper Vol.1. Again, in the summer of the same year, he released his single song with a music video called ‘Too Much For Me’. The song directly picked up the number 53 on the US Billboard R&B or Hip-Hop song chart. This song made him the highest-ranking DJ on the chart. After this, various other songs were released in a row, which hit the chart with their popularity and success.

Kay Slay’s personal life is kept secret. That’s why we don’t know if he is married and has a wife, or had a divorce or if he is dating with someone and has a girlfriend. We also haven’t come up to know if he has any children. But he is not a gay as rumored once.

Keith Grayson has an estimated net worth of $6 million dollars. He has earned this net worth with his successful songs and albums. DJ Slay was able to sell more than 350,000 copies of his two albums. Even though his songs were not entirely a success, the music videos were aired on BET and MTV. This DJ and his songs were also featured in 2004 NFL Street video game.

DJ Kay Slay has a large fan following in his social networking sites like twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He is seen frequently tweeting and uploading his pictures for his fans. The shirtless ones are even more popular among the people.

DJ Kay Slay is among the most notable and desirable DJ’s to ever spin records. He began his musical career in 1983 and has released five albums till date. This artist has collaborated with high scores of big time artists like Eminem, Nas, DJ Clue, 50 Cent, Mobb Deep and so on. Kay Slay’s biography also includes the fact that he is the CEO of Straight Stunting’ Magazine. Some of his most popular songs are Keep Clm, The Last Hip-Hop Disciple, Highway To Hell, Free Again and many more.


01. 1-900 Blend
02. Across 110st
03. Double Drama
04. Drama Kings Pt. 2
05. Eastside To Da Westside
06. Get Down Or Lay Down
07. Get Down Or Lay Down Part 1 1/2
08. Ghetto Platinum Pt. 2
09. G'z Up
10. Harlem's Back
11. I Dare You
12. It's Just Begun (R&B Blends)
13. Just A Mixtape
14. Mix Masters Vol. 4
15. M.O.P. Warriorz Mixtape
16. Original Gangsters 2 Tape 1
17. Original Gangsters 4 Tape 1
18. Original Gangsters 4 Tape 2
19. Original Gangsters 8 Tape 1
20. Original Gangsters 8 Tape 2
21. R&B Classics Holiday Edition
22. R&B Hook Up Pt. 2
23. R&B Legend V4
24. R&B Legend V5
25. R&B Legend V6
26. R&B Tunnel Bangers Tape Two
27. R&B World Pt. 2
28. R&B World Pt. 11
29. R&B World Pt. 16
30. R&B Ecstasy
31. Real Harlem Katz On The Rise
32. Return Of The Jada
33. Street Sweepers Pt. 3
34. Street Sweepers Pt. 4
35. Street Sweepers Pt. 5
36. Street Sweepers Pt. 7 Tape 2
37. The Game Of Death
38. The Last Don
39. The Predator
40. The Mix Master R&B Blends
41. The Mix Master R&B Blends Pt. 2
42. The Mix Master V1
43. The Player Hater Eliminators V1
44. The Siege
45. Player Hater Eliminators Part 3
46. Player Hater Eliminators Part 5
47. The Player Hater Eliminators V7
48. Player Hater Eliminators Part 8 1/2
49. The Untouchables
50. Thinkin' About You V4
51. Thinkin' About You V5
52. Thinkin' About You V6
53. Thinkin' About You V10