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Side A:
01. Method Man b/w Crimanology/Rising to the Top/Still Shining
02. Release Yo Delf b/w Who Shot Ya/Get Money
03. PLO Style b/w Recognize & RealizeI Shot ya
04. The Riddler b/w Big Poppa
05. All I Need b/w Incarcerated Scarfaces
06. Shadow Boxing b/w Tonite’s Da Night
07. Wu Gambinos b/w Wu Tang Ain’t Nothing 2 Fuck Wit
08. What Da Blood Clot b/w Get Down
09. Method Man (Remix) b/w This is Something 4 da Radio
10. The What b/w Danger (Remix) & Primo Remix
11. How High- b/w How Many Emcees/One More Chance (Remix)
12. Method Man & Tony Starks - Live Freestylin
13. Bring Da Pain b/w The Cypher
14. Snaps

Side B:
01. Criminology b/w Recognize/No One Else
02. Can It All Be So Simple b/w I Miss You
03. Investigative Reports b/w Crime Is Money
04. Heaven Or Hell b/w Success
05. Ice Cream b/w U Used 2 Love Me
06. Freakin U b/w Last Days/Don’t Waste My Time
07. Wisdom Of Body & Tony Starks
08. Incarcerated Scarfaces b/w Cold World
09. Eye 4 An Eye b/w Coolie High
10. Knuckle Heads b/w Anything
11. Ice Water b/w Hey Lover
12. Guillitine Swords & Tony Starks, Raekwon & GZA
13. Winter Wars & U God, Raekwon, Tony Starks, Cappadonna, Master Killa
14. Striving 4 Perfection b/w Danger Pt II
15. Shout Outs


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