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Side A:
01. Crazy Phat Intro
02. Slick Rick - Behind Bars b/w Gravediggaz - Diary Of A Madman
03. Lady Of Rage - Afro Puffs (Remix)
04. Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear
05. Ill Al Skratch - Creep Wit Me
06. Notorious B.I.G. & Method Man - Fuck Da World
07. Freestyle Rap
08. Mad Lion - Take It Easy
09. Das Efx - Kaught In Da Ak
10. Ill Al Skratch - Chill With That
11. Legion - Legion Groove
12. A Madman's Dream

Side B:
01. 90's Girl Blends
02. Blackstreet - Booti Call
03. Sending My Love b/w Stand By Your Man
04. The Vibe b/w Take It Easy
05. Put A Rush On Me (Remix)
06. Teddy Riley - Physical Thang
07. Always b/w K-Solo Break Beat
08. She's Giving Me Joy b/w Afro Puffs
09. Right Here b/w Human Nature
10. Right Here b/w No Gunz, No Murder
11. Love's In Need b/w Come & Talk To Me
12. Love's In Need b/w The Bridge


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