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Side A:
01. Love Sensation b/w Something For The Radio
02. Touch And Go b/w 45 King
03. 360 b/w Who Got The Props?
04. Wu Tang Clan b/w Duck Down
05. Best Kept Secret (Remix) b/w Roughneck
06. Take It To Your Face b/w Make The Music
07. Games b/w Punks Jump Up
08. Love Me Or Leave Me Alone b/w Scenario (Remix)
09. 45 King Roughweek (Remix) Scratch Mix
10. Six Million Ways To Die (Scratch Mix)

Side B:
01. Throw Ya Gunz b/w Mayday On The Frontline
02. MC Ren - May Day On The Frontline
03. Crewz Pop b/w How I'm Comin'
04. Boogie Down Productions - Black Cop
05. Dre Day b/w Off And On
06. Love Thang b/w 45 King
07. Rat A Tat Tat
08. Spread Love b/w Stay With Me
09. Ill Street Blues b/w Tonights The Night


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