Philadelphia’s own, Philly Wreck a.k.a. DJ Wreck, has been DJing for over 15 years, and is considered one of the biggest Mix-Tape DJs of his time. He is the Real and most famous DJ Wreck of them all, and the biggest mix-tape DJ in Philadelphia. He spent his early years being mobile and freelance DJ by spinning at clubs and private venues in various cities, such as Washington, DC, Greensboro, NC, Philadelphia, PA, just to name a few. In addition, he has been a special guest DJ on WNAA at NCA&T and WUSL-Power 99 FM in Philly.

In 1995, DJ Wreck took interest in the mix-tape game. He started off small by showing off his skills and only distributing in Philly. Later down the line, he saw that the success of the mix-tape game was to have “exclusives.” He stepped up his game by gaining more and stronger relationships at major record labels. Around the year 2000, he realized that there was no competition in Philly; therefore he expanded his distribution, first to New York City and then to different cities around the country. In addition, his CD was heavily bootlegged which allowed them to reach additional locations in the country, as well as international locations. This allowed him to be a real mix-tape king.
Currently, DJ Wreck is known to be a mix-tape legend in Philly who has accomplished mix-tape distribution that no other DJ that lived in Philly ever did. He was known to get brand new and exclusive music before it was released to radio, the public, and other DJs. There are only a few in the country who receive these exclusive tracks as fast as he did. There was no internet music distribution back then, so you had to be connected. When labels looked to get their artists street creditability or to promote them through street promotion in Philadelphia, they called on DJ Wreck first. Also, labels and artists contacted him to host his CDs because they were aware of his popularity. Some artists who have hosted his CDs are LOX, Lloyd Banks, Jermaine Dupri, Mobb Deep, Gillie Da kid, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Cassidy, Juelz Santana, Kelly Rowland, Jagged Edge, Faith Evans, and Musiq.


01. Let's Have It Pt. 1
02. Let's Have It Pt. 2
03. Let's Have It Pt. 6
04. Let's Have It Pt. 7
05. Niggaz Done Started Something
06. Philly Cookout (Old School Philly Hip Hop)
07. Shake What Your Mama Gave You Pt. 9
08. You Can't Fuck Wit This