The title, "dee jay", describes someone who plays 12" vinyl or records on 1200 turntable. And, so over the many evolving years of hip-hop and rap music the term "dee jay" was adopted by most turntablists throughout the nation, thus giving them a uniform status in the game of hip-hop. However, DOO WOP doesn't use the title "DJ" in front of his name, because the term or title "dee jay" does not fully describe WOP's talent and ability. Known to many as "Da Bouncemasta", DOO WOP has made a significant impact in the hip-hop and mix tape world, and he is considered by most to be an urban street legend! Born in Los Angeles, California, but brought to the Bronx New York at the age of 2, DOO WOP has paid more than enough his share of dues. WOP went from making pause tapes with one turntable, to DJ'ing house parties, community events & proms, to performing/spinning in front of thousands at nearly every major club/venue in New York, Philly, D.C., New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, NC, SC, Vegas, Japan, Germany, and other international venues. In 1995, The Mix Tape Award Ceremony was introduced to the industry. Since then, DOO WOP has brought home at least one award per year, including: Best Blends Award, Best Personality Award (twice), Best Duo Award (alongside his co-defendant Tony Touch), the prestigious "Brucie B/Starchild" Award, and the most significant to the Bouncemasta himself, the "Most Creative DJ" award. WOP's ability to capture great performances and highlights through his mix tapes even earned him accolades in the press/media publications: ยท "DOO WOP's 95 LIVE is the best album of the year, next to RAEKWON's CUBAN LINKS." - THE VILLAGE VOICE, 1995. From that point on, WOP was an official measuring gauge for innovation with mix tapes, and DOO WOP was deemed as one of hip-hop's trendsetters, not merely a "dee jay". DOO WOP's services were also showcased @ legendary hip-hop clubs, such as the TUNNEL, the FEVER, the PALLADIUM, CLUB ESSO's, and several others, but WOP didn't just stop at that accomplishment. The parties were a means to keep his musical ear and influences sharpened, he wanted more avenues to display his skills, and so he kept creating new tapes. WOP' s tapes began to echo blasts from the stereos in tri-state mom&pop stores, barbershops, salons, car stereos, and nearly every city street corner. His catchy and colorful intros and blends soon became the signature seal of a WOP'S musical mix tape experience. WOP himself would began to showcase his free styling abilities, producing tracks w/other featured acts for his mix tape masterpieces, too. His tapes soon caught the attention of major record company executives, and he landed two recording deals, one with NU TRYBE/VIRGIN (1995) RECORDS, and the other with UNIVERSAL RECORDS (1999). So, naturally DOO WOP today started most of the formats dee jay's use. For example: skits at the beginning of each tape, collaborations with fellow mix tape dj's, catchy titles to co-inside with the concept of that particular tape, as well as the one most used by mix tape makers today (underground & commercially), freestyles by well-known artists. Since 1995, WOP has had some of the illest emcee's spit on his mix tapes such as, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Keith Murray, Redman, Mobb Deep, AZ, Lost Boyz, Puffy, Big Daddy Kane, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, Guru, Raekwon, MOP, Krsone, Q-tip, Smith & Wesson, Buckshot, 50cent, Big Pun, Big L, Shabba Ranks & many more. All of these artists were eager to participate on WOP's independently distributed mix tapes, strictly out of love and respect for "Da Bouncemasta", and of course for the street credibility that comes with appearing on a DOO WOP Tape. Versatility, creativity, personality, WOP's ability to continue to be a trend setter in hip-hop, are the reasons that have made him and all things that he created, a real musical experience. DOO WOP has made himself The Peoples Champion!


01. 03/04/91
02. 01/01/92
03. 08/15/92
04. 04/15/93
05. 08/27/93
06. 09/15/94
07. 95 Live Pt. 1
08. 95 Live Pt. II
09. A Bronx Tale
10. Bad Boy V2
11. Blunt Special Blends
12. Cool Out '93
13. Cool Out '94
14. Craig Mack Teaser Tape
15. Double Drama
16. F.E.D.S. Cool Out
17. F.E.D.S. Hip Hop
18. Face/Off
19. Gangsta's Paradise I
20. Gangsta's Paradise II
21. Gangsta's Paradise III
22. Hip Hop Flashbacks
23. Is New York In The House?
24. Killah Priest Blends Of Heavy Mental
25. Killah Priest The Masada Mix
26. Live 1991
27. Live At Mecca Summer '95
28. Made From Scratch
29. Millennium Allstars
30. Money Train
31. Official GZA Sampler
32. Party Over Here '98
33. R&B Ecstasy
34. Spring Break 92
35. Spring One
36. Spring Two
37. Summer Jam '96
38. Tape 3: 3 Down 2 To Go
39. Tape 4: Da Bitchez
40. Tape 5: Round Up
41. The Last King Of New York
42. The New Testament
43. Wopduizm Pt. One
44. Wopduizm Pt. 2
45. Xmas Jams 93