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Side A:
01. Whatcha Come Here For b/w What About Us
02. Friend Or Foe 98 b/w Be Happy
03. Full Clip b/w So Into You
04. Tight b/w Did You Ever Think
05. Whatcha Want b/w Knock Me Out b/w What's My Name
06. Breaker, Breaker b/w Day Dreamin'
07. Dangerous b/w Love Me
08. Get Involved b/w Dwyck
09. When You're In Love b/w How High
10. Down With The King b/w Baby Love
11. Luv 2 Luv U b/w If You Love Me
12. Definition b/w I Can Love You b/w Ultimate
13. Word Tour b/w I Can't See
14. Bitch Please b/w Tell Me b/w It's All About You
15. Masta I.C. b/w Make It Hot
16. Trina Broussard - Love You So Much

Side B:
01. You Got Me b/w Quiet Storm
02. Can't Help It b/w Vivrant Thing
03. The Boy Is Mine b/w Symphony 2000
04. I Wanna Be Down b/w You're An Enemy
05. My Love b/w Play Around
06. Puttin' A Rush On Me b/w Get Involved
07. Do You Feel Me b/w Figga My Nigga
08. Case - Happily Ever After (Remix)
09. Just What You Want b/w Nas Is Like
10. Think Of You b/w Make The Music 2000
11. Crazy For You b/w It Ain't Hard To Tell


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