Grandmasta Vic “THE HIP HOP ICON” Grandmasta Vic, also known as G.M.V., began his iconic career as a D.J. from Queens’ South Jamaica projects in 1977. He was strongly influenced by the legendary D.J. pioneers such as Grandmaster Flash, Africa Bambaataa, Infinity Machine, Cipher of Sounds, Ank Span (known as Ankey’s Crew) & The Disco Twins. Not only did G.M.V. make a name for himself on the party circuit but also as a “TAPEMASTER”.

There are several DJ’s that claim to be the originators of the blends on mix tapes, G.M.V. was definitely the first to put an entire tape of acapella tracks over instrumental tracks together. Now it is a D.J. standard for mix tapes. Not only did it influence the mixtape circuit in America from then on, but it inherently influenced music as a whole throughout the Hip Hop culture. Artists from Herbie Hancock to Mary J. Blige began to take this formula to the bank. “You can’t talk about Southside, Queens without mentioning GRANDMASTA VIC…. One of the best DJ’s I’ve ever heard.” -Star (the from Star and Bucwild show)

Throughout G.M.V.’s career he played at all of the school/park jams and nightclubs in the NYC area. These experiences would put him in position to press up his first single “The Real Grandmaster” (Profile Records, 1986) with a pair of emcees called The Two. His next single would be with fellow Southside female emcees Frick and Frack. They recorded under the independent label, Invasion in 1988. In 1993, Hip Hop’s prophet of rage Chuck D from PUBLIC ENEMY believed in G.M.V. and his group CHOSEN TRIBE enough to executive produce their album. G.M.V. continued to be recognized throughout the tri-state area as the premier D.J. for high profile parties and events for gangsters and celebrities alike such as: Fat Cat, Pappy Mason, Gerald “Prince” Miller, Kenneth “Supreme” Mcgriff, Charles “Chaz” Williams, James Corley, Star from Star and Bucwild, ONYX, LUKE from the 2 live Crew, RAKIM, SNOOP DOGG, 2 PAC, Mr. CHEEKS, NAS and Biz Markie.

November 1995 brought his unique D.J. style to Las Vegas for the Holyfield-Bowe after party. Grandmasta Vic has received during his tenure as a Grandmaster of the mix, employment to tour with artists like NAS for the Illmatic tour and Usher’s highly acclaimed Confessions tour. He also has lent his skills to longtime friends, MR. CHEEKS and the LOST BOYZ. Throughout the years he has inspired up and coming DJ’s like Dogtime, Ike love, DJ Biz Markie, DJ Clue, DJ ENVY, & DJ ABSOLUT. He returned from a tour of Japan, Korea, Europe, Brazil, Kenya, & British Columbia thus reinforcing the claim of GRANDMASTA VIC being “THE WORLD’S GREATEST D.J.” and now the “The Icon”.


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