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Side A:
01. Everday Gunplay
02. We Got The Drop feat. Big Noyd
03. Crime Connection feat. Cormega
04. Street Life
05. Da Funk Mode feat. Tragedy & Large Professor
06. Reach
07. Take It In Blood
08. True Lies
09. Saga Ruff feat. Cormega
10. Where Do We Go feat. Big Noyd & Tragedy
11. Avirex
12. Duns & Kikos
13. QB Meets Southside feat. Onyx
14. Cop Hell

Side B:
01. Pile Raps
02. Young Luv
03. In The Long Run feat. Ty Nitty
04. Rep The QBC
05. First Day Of Spring feat. Tragedy
06. 3 The Hard Way feat. Big Noyd
07. Hard Being Wifey Pt. 2 feat. Cormega & Foxy Brown
08. Stop Smilin'
09. It's Alright With You feat. Big Noyd
10. Thrill feat. Big Noyd
11. Street Kings feat. Nas
12. Love Gets Stronger
13. Can't Fuck Wit My Niggaz
14. Perfect Plot


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