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Side A:
01. Victory
02. Missing You (Blend)
03. Kick In The Door
04. The Benjamins feat. Puff Daddy, The Lox & Lil Kim
05. I Got A Story To Tell
06. Young G's feat. Puff Daddy & Jay-Z
07. Friend Or Foe
08. One More Change (Original)
09. Juicy
10. Last Day feat. The Lox
11. Life After Death Intro

Side B:
01. Mo Money, Mo Problems feat. Mase & Puff Daddy
02. Radio Check - Real Niggaz
03. Goin' Back To Cali
04. Nasty Boy (Remix)
05. Cunt Renaissance (Remix)
06. Unbelievable
07. Machine Gun Funk
08. Keep Your Hands High
09. What's Beef
10. Somebody's Gotta Die
11. Suicidal Thoughts
12. You're Nobody Till Somebody Kills You


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