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Side A:
01. Kid Capri feat. Slick Rick & Snoop Dog - Unify
02. McGruff feat. Lost Boyz - This Is How We Do
03. Tragedy Khadafi & I.M.A.N. Thug - Bridge 2000
04. Latifah feat. Nicki D - Brownsville
05. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz feat. Fat Joe & Big Pun - Cross Bronx Expwy
06. Onyx feat. All City - Fuck Dat
07. DMX - Look Through My Eyes
08. Master P feat. Snoop Dogg - Snitches
09. Big Pun feat. Black Thought - Super Lyrical
10. McGruff - Before We Start (Remix)
11. Master P feat. Snoop Dogg - Thug Girl
12. T.Q. feat. Too Short - Fuck Your Sister

Side B:
01. Like Dat b/w Lost Ones
02. Incarcerated Scarfaces b/w My Way
03. What You Want (Remix) b/w You Should Know
04. What You Want b/w Why
05. Another Bad Love Song b/w Outta Here
06. Crossover b/w Rush On Me
07. Money Ain't A Thang b/w You Should Be Mine
08. Where My Eyes Can See b/w Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent
09. Feel So Good b/w Is It Good To You
10. Sittin' On Top Of The World
11. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - We Will Ball
12. Third Eye - 88 Flashback


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