The Legacy Continues. Tony Touch A.K.A Tony Toca continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Tony Touch, an icon in Hip Hop and in the Urban Hispanic genre plus seasoned player in the game, is a true innovator and has revolutionized the DJ game over and over. From his legendary mix tapes, to his skills on the 1’s and 2’s, he has become one of Hip Hop’s most recognized DJ’s. This C.E.O/Artist/Producer is now currently working on his 7th commercial release titled “The Piece Maker 3…Return of the 50 MC’s” and is expected to make history once again.
Tony Touch began as a B-Boy during the rap music renaissance era of the early 80’s. Heavily influenced by pioneers like the Rock Steady Crew, Grandmaster Flash, Red Alert, ”Little” Louie Vega, and Jam Master Jay, he quickly shifted his interests towards the turntables. Toca is known for his legendary mix tapes like the original 50 MC’s parts 1, 2 and 3. Included in this series are some of the hottest artists in the game such as KRS ONE, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Wyclef, M.O.P., Big L, Mos Def and many more all coming together for one collective piece. This along with the countless other mix tapes, Tony became recognized in the streets and industry as the real ‘Mix Tape King.’
Tony Toca evolved his mix tapes to record releases. In 2000, Tony released “The Piece Maker” on Tommy Boy records. This album sold over 400,000 units worldwide and featured legendary artists like Big Pun, Cypress Hill, Wu Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Gang Starr, and much more. The video for the single “I Wonder Why” featuring Total featured cameos from John Leguizamo, Rock Steady and more. Since then, Tony Touch has released the “Piece Maker 2” which also had an all-star line up with features such as P. Diddy, Fat Joe, Sean Paul, Snoop Dog and even the legendary Ruben Blades.
Toca is also known to represent the Latino community to the fullest. It is the result of growing up with Salsa at home and Hip-Hop influence in his lifestyle. In 2005 Tony inked a deal with EMI Records and revolutionized the game once more with his Latin album called “ReggaeTony”. The hit single, “Play that Song” featured Nina Sky and B-Real of Cypress Hill. The cd had an all star line up including Tego Calderon, Ivy Queen, Zion y Lennox, N.O.R.E, Voltio, and Soni just to name a few. The album went GOLD and with that success, EMI records moved quickly to release ReggaeTony 2 which featured more heavyweight appearances.
Touch continues to be in demand globally. The proof is in the passport as he has toured over 30 countries including Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico, London, France, Greece, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Columbia, Switzerland, Italy and Cuba. He’s also acted as tour DJ for acts like Cypress Hill, Gurus’ Jazzmatazz, Rock Steady and the Beatnuts. You also may have caught Tony on TV shows such as “Saturday Night Live” and “The Dave Chapelle Show” spinning for Eminem. And you may have heard him on the airwaves in New York City on such stations as Hot 97, Power 105, and 107.5 WBLS. In 2004, Eminem and manager Paul Rosenberg closed a deal for their own radio station on Sirius XM Satellite called Shade 45. Tony Touch was quickly recruited to host TOCA TUESDAYS from 8pm to Midnight. TOCA TUESDAYS is also a weekly classic Hip Hop party in which he invites legendary DJ’s to guest spin.
And if that weren’t enough, another weekly party Tony sparked was the FUNKBOX where he plays deep house music with celeb guest DJ’s. Both parties have been running over 4 years strong.


01. 5 Deadly Venoms Of Brooklyn
02. B-Boy Breaks
03. B-Boy Breaks 2
04. Best Of Boot Camp Freestyles
05. Big Dawg V3/Hip Hop 59
06. Classics 2
06. Droppin' That Shit
07. Elektra '97 V1
08. Hip Hop 01
09. Hip Hop 08
10. Hip Hop 12
11. Hip Hop 20: For The Head
12. Hip Hop 23
13. Hip Hop 25: Arrive To Get Live
14. Hip Hop 27: Hip Hop Heaven
15. Hip Hop 30
16. Hip Hop 33: Get Into It
17. Hip Hop 34
18. Hip Hop 36: The Bomb
19. Hip Hop 37
20. Hip Hop 38
21. Hip Hop 39
22. Hip Hop 40: 40 Ounces
23. Hip Hop 41
24. Hip Hop 42
25. Hip Hop 43
25. Hip Hop 44
27. Hip Hop 45
28. Hip Hop 46
29. Hip Hop 47
30. Hip Hop 48
31. Hip Hop 49: Time To Shine
32. Hip Hop 50: Power Cypha
33. Hip Hop 51: Drastic Measures
34. Hip Hop 52: Playin With A Full Deck
35. Hip Hop 53: Funkin You Up
36. Hip Hop 54: Keep Feedin' Ya
37. Hip Hop 55: Power Cypha 2
38. Hip Hop 56: Hot Shit
39. Hip Hop 57: Wreckin' Shit
40. Hip Hop 58: Underground Express
41. Hip Hop 60: Power Cypha 3
42. Hip Hop 61: Comin Of Da Storm
43. Hip Hop 62: Ready For Impact
44. Hip Hop 63: Don't Call It A Comeback
45. Hip Hop 64: Rockin' Steady
46. Hip Hop 65: I'll Take It If I Have To
47. Hip Hop 66: In Da Lab
48. Hip Hop 67: Still Blazin Cuts
49. Hip Hop 68: Street Official
50. Hip Hop 69: Guess Who's Back
51. Hip Hop 70: Making Moves With Touch
52. Hip Hop 71: We Won't Stop
53. Hip Hop 72: Universal
54. Hip Hop 73: Serious
55. Millennium Allstars
56. Old School 4
57. R&B 1
58. R&B 3
59. R&B 6
60. R&B 10
61. R&B 14
62. R&B 15: Summer Soul
63. R&B 16: Going For Broke
64. R&B 17: Between The Sheets
65. R&B 18: Bubblin'
66. R&B 19: Keep It Movin'
67. R&B 20: Hold On Tight
68. R&B 21: Anytime Any Place
69. R&B 22: Can't Stop, Won't Stop
70. R&B 23
71. R&B 24: Pimpin' Ain't Easy
72. R&B 25: Get Your Shit Straight
73. R&B 26: Watch Your Self
74. R&B 27: Again & Again
75. R&B 28: Relax Yourself
76. R&B 29: Ghetto Soul
77. R&B 30
78. R&B 31
79. R&B 32: The Love Session
80. R&B 33: Sex In The City
81. Sunz Of Man Mixtape
82. Takes U Back
83. Terrorist Activity
84. The Beatnuts A Musical Massacre
85. The Marquis Club #004